∙ REMAINING BALANCE is to be paid in full before the entertainment or setup begins. The balance must be paid IN CASH (unless otherwise agreed upon)! We do not accept personal checks and we ask that you do not make the entertainer wait for you to go to the bank after the event or after you do cake time to pay them. We are on a schedule. Gratuity is NOT included. We ask that you tip an amount you find appropriate.


∙ PARKING must be accommodated within proximity to the event. If no street parking can be provided, then the client must accommodate the parking fee.


∙ ELECTRICITY is needed in some cases and must be provided by the client. If not available a generator can be rented from Home Depot. Please ask us for the necessary wattage. In the event of lack of electricity causes a delay in your setup, the time will be reduced from the duration stated on your reservation contract. 


∙ SET UP time is not included in the duration stated on your contract; our entertainers will provide themselves enough time to set up. Please provide space for them to place equipment. You will need to provide a table, and chairs if necessary. Also please make sure they are placed by an outlet for electricity. Make sure the show starts on time and finishes on time (entertainer has other parties to attend on schedule). If you make the entertainer wait, it comes out of your time. The show can be extended for an extra $50 per every 30 minutes only when requested by the client and if the performer has time available.


∙ BOOKING FEES are FINAL and NON-REFUNDABLE. The amount for each booking fee varies and will be stated on your reservation contract.


∙ Packages cannot be downgraded after 24 hours of leaving the deposit. The availability of services and rentals are dependent on scheduled availability. Any changes to services must be made within 24 hours of leaving a booking fee. Cancellations on items in your contract may be treated as per our cancellation policy. You may add services to your agreement if the availability permits.


∙ RESCHEDULE In the event that you need to reschedule your event, there is a $50 rescheduling fee. We ask that if possible, you let us know at least 3 days in advance. We must be notified of rescheduled date within 2 weeks and date of services must be within 2 months of the originally scheduled date of services. If the event is not rescheduled, the cancellation policy will apply. Some items/entertainment packages are subject to availability. Salazar Entertainment will provide the client with items/entertainment packages that are equal or of greater value. In the case that you would need to reschedule due to weather, there is still a $50 fee (excluding state of emergency & road closures). Bounce Houses & inflatables are allowed for free reschedule. 


∙ CANCELLATION In the event that you need to cancel, your deposit will not be refunded. All deposits are final as stated above. If event is canceled 14 days or more prior to the event, only the deposit will be used as a cancellation fee or you have the option of rescheduling for an additional fee. If you wait until 13 or fewer days prior to the event to cancel, your deposit will be charged as a fee & you will be responsible for 25% of your events total. Services cannot be canceled once the entertainment/services have arrived and balance is due in full.


∙ EQUIPMENT RENTALS All clients are held 100% liable for any damages caused while any piece of rental equipment is in their possession and will be responsible for paying for the replacement or repair fee of the damaged equipment IN FULL. Please note the electrical equipment should not be left in the rain or under any other unfavorable conditions. Clients are responsible for returning the item in the condition it was given.


∙ BOUNCE HOUSE/INFLATABLE RULES I understand and acknowledge that the activity to be engaged with the rental of an inflatable unit(s) interactive amusement device, brings with it both known and unanticipated risks to myself and/or guests and/or participators. Those risks include but are not limited to falling, slipping, crashing, and colliding and could result in injury, illness, emotional distress, death, or property damage to myself and my guests and/or participation.

1. No Food

2. No Drinks 

3. No Shoes 

4. No Silly String or Confetti

5. If it rains, we ask that you please bring the electric blower out of the rain. 

6. We charge a $25 cleaning fee for any food or drinks left inside of the bounce castle


Lessee understands and acknowledges that play on an amusement device entails both known and unknown risks including, but not limited to, physical injury from falling, slipping, crashing or colliding, emotional injury, paralysis, distress, damage or death to any participant. Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold (Salazar Entertainment) harmless from any and all claims, actions, suits, proceedings, costs, expenses, fees, damages and liabilities, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, arising by reason of injury, damage, or death to persons or property, in connection with or resulting from the use of the leased equipment. This includes, but is not limited to, the manufacture, selection, delivery, possession, use, operation, or return of the equipment. Lessee hereby releases and holds harmless (Salazar Entertainment) from injuries or damages incurred as a result of the use of the leased equipment. (Salazar Entertainment) cannot, under any circumstances, be held liable for injuries as a result of inappropriate use, God, nature, or other conditions beyond its control or knowledge. Lessee also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless (Salazar Entertainment) from any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the equipment during the term of the lease and any extensions thereof.


OVERNIGHT RENTALS: Lessee understands and acknowledges that the blower is to be removed from the Inflatable device and locked up in a secure location overnight.


∙ Please keep control of guests and traffic around the performance area. Provide safety for the entertainer. Children or adults hitting, pushing or harming the entertainer in any way will result in the show to be stopped.


∙ We bring enough material to be covered for the agreed amount of servings stated above in the details of your contract. If the serving amount will exceed the agreed amount, it will be additional, and we will only be able to accommodate this if the schedule for our staff/entertainment permits. 


∙ If you are renting a hall or having the party at a park please make sure that what we are bringing is allowed in the facility. We are not responsible for any of our equipment not being allowed in the facility and full payment on the contract will be charged. Make sure proper permits are acquired if needed.


If you agree please reply that you have read the terms noted above via email. We keep all emails on file to assure quality service.


Thank you for choosing Salazar Entertainment!


Please print out your contract for your records and remember to confirm with us 2 days before your event to confirm the details. Also, please be sure to notify us of any changes.


Emergency contact number


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